IL-2 Forgotten Battles IL-2 Forgotten Battles IL-2 Forgotten Battles IL-2 Forgotten Battles
Exhibit - IL-2 Forgotten Battles
Release Date - 2003
Platform -
Developer - 1C Maddox Games
Publisher - Ubisoft
In collection - Yes
Comments - The sensation of speed at low level is the best yet in a flight sim. I enjoyed whizzing past excellent ground textures, individual trees, small stands of trees and whole forests of trees, vast cities (Moscow alone has 500,000 buildings in the sim), flying through clouds, fog, rain and snow, and all with a smooth frame rated with no s-s-stuttering at all on the test system. All this would be an impressive achievement for a civil flight sim, to create a world in such detail and still enjoy a sedate and fluid sensation of flight. But IL-2 is a combat sim and once you add multiple aircraft manoeuvering vigorously, tanks, trucks and ships, bombers, anti-aircraft fire you would expect the sim performance to take a severe hit. Not so.

Without a doubt the most outstanding World War 2 flight sim of the 2000's.


How do you play IL-2 Forgotten Battles?

You choose your country from Germany, Russia, Finland or Hungary in one of 11 areas and time frames and a range of units from Fighter Squadrons to Bomber Groups. Rank is another choice - a higher rank means you have to command and control more wingmen - not advisable for beginners. Career type lets you concentrate on ground atttack or dogfighting and lastly difficulty, which sets the general difficulty level of the whole campaign.

Your subsequent career will consist of 4 to 8 campaigns - each in turn consisting of about 30 missions. That's 120 to 240 missions per career, and the new dynamic campaign engine makes sure that targets, opposition and weather vary if you choose to replay a campaign. This makes for immense replayability even before delving into the plethora of user created extras.

Damage modelling is a key feature of the series
Damage modelling is a key feature of the series.

Industrial targets are fully destroyable.
Industrial targets are fully destroyable.

The decision to use 'open architecture' meant that very quickly IL-2 had a large user base which began contributing missions and modifications to the already original excellent sim. In the couple of years since IL-2's release the developers have maintained and encouraged this dialogue and as a result the very features and improvements most desired by fans have turned up in IL-2 Forgotten Battles.