Intercepteur Cobalt - 1983 Intercepteur Cobalt - 1983
Exhibit - Intercepteur Cobalt

Francisco J. Camposremembers:

The program was entirely written in Spectrum's BASIC, but it looks wonderful despite Sinclair's poor graphic abilities. It was considered a "serious" game, compared with the ZX hits of that time: JetPac, Jet Set Willy, Cookie, and 8-bit versions of classic arcades. The program is divided in four modules: the demo, the take-off tutorial, the pilot's test and the Intercepteur Cobalt main program, located on side B of the tape. The first three modules were 16K ones, and the Intercepteur itself, a 48K one. I had a 16Kb RAM Speccy by then (it was cheaper than their 48Kb brother), so I played the main program only when a buddy lent me his 48K Speccy...

Demo was impressive. I wasn't very familiar with the French language, but I managed to get used to it. It was not clear if the Cobalt was a top-notch airfighter or an advanced starship (game cover featured a futuristic ship over a city). Missionstook place over Europe: you had to patrol the skies searching for enemies, avoiding something called the "Delta Zone": if you entered it, you'd be destroyed.

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