Title - JetFighter 5
Feature list

Esc-button menu


Select aircraft
Shift F1 - player ac
Friendly aircraft - F5
Enemy ac - Shift F5

Ac view
cockpit - F1
External - F2
Fly-by - F3
Padlock - Insert
Zoom in - KP +
Zoom out - KP -
Pan UP - KP 9
Pan DOWN - KP 2
Pan LEFT - KP 4
Pan RIGHT - KP 6

Flight Controls
Wheelbrake - W
Gear - G
Throttle up - A
Throttle down - Z
Airbrake - NONE !
Autopilot - NONE !
Nav point - N
Eject - Ctrl E
Carrier Cat Launch - W

Comms None that I could find


Radar RNG up - R
Radar RNG down - Shift R
Jammer - J
LANTIRN designate - CTRL KP 0
Designate manually - TAB
Select LANTIRN - L
Slave LANTIRN to target - CRL KP +

AA select - [
AG select - ]
Deploy weapons (open bay doors on F-22) - D
~ - button show last message
backspace-button afterburner
tab-button next target
W-button wheel brakes on
E-button engines on or off
R-button increase radar range
T-button accelerate time
P-button pause the game
A-button throttle increase
Z-button throttle decrease
J-button ecm jammer
L-button lantirn on

-button flare
'-button chaff
X-button rudder
C-button front wheel
B-button wheel brakes off
num pad 2 camera pan down
num pad 8 camera pan up
num pad 4 camera pan left
num pad 6 camera pan right
num pad 5 reset camera
num pad + camera zoom in
num pad - camera zoom out
ctrl and F5-button view of your jet
ctrl and F8-button look at next player weapon
ctrl and X-button exit the game
alt and F5-button view next target
alt and F8-button view next fired weapon

These screenshots were created with an ATI Radeon 9600 XTgraphics card.

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