Title - JetFighter 5

Mission 01

In this mission you fly the F-16, F-35 or the F-22, it is entirely up to you.


Destroy all enemy jets.

MiGMan's hints -

I couldn't think of any reason to fly the F-35 - ever! Both the F-16 and the F-22 carry more ordnance. The F-22 is at least as stealthy - and I'm not sure that stealth even factors in to the enemy radar abilities.

The mission starts in the air - as they all do. There is an inspirational radio message from "Shiva" - your wingperson then it's basically lock and shoot, then finish off the stragglers with guns.

When I say "basically"......

After a moment your F-16 wing-people attack so it's not a bad idea to follow them on the first few missions at least. Let them soak up some of the incoming fire.

Anyway on the second attempt - "Mission Successful" - Flight time - 07:16 - Airplanes shot down - 4.

Jetfighter 5 - Mission shots Jetfighter 5 - Mission shots Jetfighter 5 - Mission shots
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