Jagdverband 44 - Screaming Eagles

From the official website (which is gone as of 2009):

" With this next launching, Hammer Technologies offers to all the combat air simulators lovers the opportunity to transform them into authentic pilots of the Second World War. Starting from its great graphic quality as for models and textures and its great content realism, transforms it into one of the best options of air combat.

The title with which the development team baptized this unprecedented simulator, comes from the name of one of the most glorious squadrons in combat of the Luftwffe (German air forces) at the end of the war: "Jagdverband 44."

Missions, airplanes and all the facts that involve this exceptional game have been recreated from the historical point of view. Respecting in every moment the real content of the conflict, the scenario is located in Europe in 1939-1945. A symbolic day that has moved to our days (in Jagdverband 44) to make the two big main characters of that time revive: Germany and the allies. With the option of enrolling to one side or the other, the player will feel, think and act with the same intensity the heroic aviators of that time made in their days.

With this great challenge, Jagdverband 44 offers a wide range of airplanes and missions where the player will spend hours and hours guaranteeing this way his survival. "

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