Jagdverband 44 - Screaming Eagles

Jagdverband 44 - Screaming Eagles was developed by Hammer Technologies and published in 1999.

From the official website (which is gone as of 2009):

" Jagdverband 44 is compound by 50 sensational missions. All of them have a specific commitment, and each one of them requires a different strategy to conclude each departure successfully.

After a long documented work, all the missions are based on real facts, where they took place, their authentic name and their exact chronology. Supported by this great realism, you will have the option to play them in Single mode or Campaign mode. That is to say, you will be able to carry out the missions in an independent way one from the other, or if you prefer, we will go aboard in this great war in a gradual way, advancing step by step in the chronology of the historical facts.

For further truthfulness you will face day and night missions, where you will have very present the defensive action of the antiaircraft ones that will try to frustrate your mission from the land.

When concluding each departure, a screen of Statistical will inform us on the result of the mission, the ruined airplanes of both sides, the destroyed terrestrial objectives, the used ammunition, the shot precision, the received damage and the punctuation in the mission or campaign.

One of the options, that it is necessary to highlight, inside the main menu is the Editor of Missions. With this editor (easy to manage) the missions will never be short for those players that want more emotions, because with it, we will configure a numberless of own missions putting on approval our genius and capacity as a fighter pilot. "

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