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The mac version

Dave Jaggerfrom Michigan recalls:

"Just found your web site and as a long time flight simmer found it to be a terrfic as well as nostalgic place to visit.

There was also a version of JET for the Macintosh. I may have been one of the few people that actually bought this thing for the Mac. I still have the original box, docs and discs and on occasion will pull out the old Mac Plus and give it a go. You couldn't fly this thing for very long without becoming extremely bored.

The graphics might have been ground breaking for the time but it was so choppy and the Atari 2600 type sounds made you grow very weary, very quickly. 10fps? On a Mac Plus with 4 megs of RAM? IF you were lucky.

I remember you had to have two disc drives for it to run and yes, you could use your MS Flight Sim scenery discs with it as well. Most of the time you ended up with something that said it was an airport in Chicago, but you sure couldn't tell by the graphics that you were looking at. Anyway, just thought you might want to add the Macintosh platform to your list for JET."


Images courtesy of Derek Higgs: Website: Derek's Cockpit Links

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