Title - Jetfighter

Ari remembers:

" The original Jetfighter had you fly the F-14 and F-18 from the deck of an aircraft carrier off the California coast, as well as an F-16 from any one of several San Francisco area airfields.

While this was my first VGA sim, it got old very quickly because of a few glaring (unnecessarily so IMNSHO) flaws. Starting simply was the campaign - there was none. While dynamic campaigning was still somewhat new when Falcon3 came out (and that was after JFII), the campaign in JFI seems purposeless, with no consequences either positive or negative arising from your completion or failure of any mission (which are repetitive anyway).

Next comes the premise - the USA has been invaded, with California as the frontline of WWIII, a story likely to raise howls even with those who thought "Red Dawn" was 'frighteningly plausible.

Next comes the scenery - there wasn't any: though modeling the California coast, and except for some obvious territorial features like the Golden Gate, it may well have been set anywhere. It could have been anywhere, which only underlines the question of the premise - why California? What we do get is not only bland, the designers don't even try to create a convincing looking battleground - there are no tanks, air defense sites, command centers or anything."

(Bear in mind the hardware of the day placed limitations on what was possible - MiGMan)

Jet Fighter 1 splash screen
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The idea is that the enemy has moved - lock, stock and 4-23MM barrels into the houses and buildings of California, an idea that'd be easy to swallow if it didn't seem too convenient. SAM's are pretty much non-existent, appearing out of nowhere and disappearing about as fast (if not for the on-board computer, you'd never even know they were there until....well, you'd end not ever knowing they were there). -

He he - sounds like business as usual to me - I never know where the SAM sites are! MiGMan

MiGMan thanks Ari for his memories.