Jetfighter II Jetfighter II
Exhibit: Jetfighter II

Hardware requirements

Date HW / OS Comments
2005 Windows 2000, Windows XP " I have made the discovery that although this game is incompatible with the real PC hardware of today, it functions correctly under a Windows 2000 or Windows XP DOS box - both of which prevent any program from interfacing with the actual hardware, but instead catch any attempts to access hardware and convert them to the necessary communications with your Windows device drivers.

An extra program such as VDMSound, available at  >> 2006 update - web page is gone <<  , is necessary to get sound output also, but once this is installed, the game runs exactly as it used to, give or take the many times greater speed computer you will require.

I just thought you might like to pass those little nuggets of information along! "


MiGMan thanks Thomas Harte for providing these tips.