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Exhibit: Jetfighter II


The story behind Jetfighter II was about Drug Barons who assemble a powerful air force. This had a remake later in ATAC: The Secret War against Drugs (1992) by Microprose, but Jetfighter II came first. Basically, the game was a JetFighter on steroids, that took advantage of the brand new VGA adaptors of that time.

It was also the first flight sim that used dynamic lighting and shadows, asking for the raw power of a 286.

Jetfighter II had three charming modes:

  1. The Adventure, a whole campaign where player's actions count towards the final outsome (a concept later developed by Birds of Prey)
  2. Single missions
  3. or a innovative Free Flight mode, where player could choose enemies, location, time of day and other parameters

MiGMan thanks Francisco J. Camposfor providing these memories and screenshots.

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Jetfighter II by Mission Studios (1990)