Jetfighter III by Mission Studios Jetfighter III by Mission Studios
Exhibit: Jetfighter III

Flight Training Lessons

The first time you run Jetfighter III, you will begin a series of training missions. The missions are described on pages 71- 98 of your Jetfigher III R.D.F handbook.

Use these missions in conjunction with my Pilot Checklists to master operation of the aircraft.

"Whenever we received a new aircraft type at Zhukovskiy airbase, we would take it up and run through procedures similar to these to check the aircraft's stability and handling characteristics."

  • Basic Flying Skills
  • Takeoff
  • Navigation - Note: Set the throttle to 60 % (6).... the waypoints are very close together on this mission. Maintain an altitude of 2,000 ft ASL. Select ASL Altimeter mode with Alt-A.
  • Formation Flight
  • Air To Air
  • Carrier Ops
  • Wingman Commands
  • Landing: ILS
  • Carrier Ops: ILS
  • Landing
  • Air To Ground: AGM-65
  • Air To Ground: CCIP
  • Air To Ground: Targets Of Opportunity
  • Air To Air: Emergency: Missile Avoidance