Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky

Glen Pearce submitted his impressions in February 2006:

Thanks for posting my positive comments about Knights of the Sky. Even though the situation/combat AI and ballistics continue to amaze and delight me, it's only fair that I include the negative aspects of KOTS too.

The first is its incompatibility with fast computers; I have to run it on our old 120 MHz computer using a Kraft KC-3 joystick on which I had to replace the No 1 firing button with a Microswitch from the '60s. This is better, actually, since the ubiquitous Star Wars joysticks don't relate well to a Nieuport 17.

Another is a recurring error that shuts down the whole program to ruin many flights. MicroProse just threw their arms up when I asked them to identify and solve.

Escort missions have a glitch which sends RE-8s on one-track flights to the east, completely ignoring their stated targets. I avoid these flights because they have no promotion possibility.

I felt KOTS version 1 had more realistic light biplane flying characteristics, while the version 2 update has the turns etc calmed down more to 747-like modes.

My main gripe is strictly a Canadian thing. KOTS is just too overwhelmingly Amurrican. Operations/patrols have become 'missions', Canadian aces have become 'Englishmen' (that one REALLY hurts!) and the friendly fire threat is way out of proportion, reflecting, to the chagrin of all other armed forces, the presence of the US military, who have elevated it to an art form.

Glen Pearce MiGMan

Knights of the Sky

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