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Korean War

Installing the scenery

Doug Attrellsays:

Two new scenery folders will be installed to the CFS Scenery folder during the install process.
They are named Korea & CVA-45.
Unless you have our previous Valley Forge campaign already installed, the new scenery will need to be activated.

  • Run Combat Flight Simulator and choose "Free Flight"
  • Choose "Scenery Library..." from the "World" menu
  • On the first, "Scenery Library", dialog, select "Files..."
  • On the next, "Scenery Areas", dialog select "Add..."
  • On the "Add Scenery Area" dialog, enter the following information: Scenery area path: =:\=\Scenery\Korea\Scenery\*.BGL
    Scenery area title: Korea
    Scenery area type: Regional
    Scenery area active: Checked

If you have problems read Doug Attrell's CFS Scenery Clinic in the Help Sections at

If the scenery is activated correctly the new Korean airfields will be listed on the Free Flight Airfield menu with their ID numbers. There is also the CVA-45 Valley Forge carrier for naval missions.

The Korean airfields are basic fields with grass or tarmac runways similar to the CFS default airfields. Bill's scenery should be the same quality as the CFS default Europe as it uses the default textures.

Red Star over Korea Red Star over Korea Red Star over Korea

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