Exhibit - LHX Attack Chopper

The development team

Brent Iverson
  • Designer: Brent Iverson
  • Programmer: Brent Iverson
  • Additional Programming by: Andre Gagnon, Scott Cronce, and Rick Tiberi
  • Producer: Paul Grace
  • Graphics: Connie Broat, Cynthia Hamilton
  • Music/Sound Effects: Mike Sanders, George Sanger, Dave Warhol
  • Technical Direction: Scott Cronce
  • Product Management: Susan Goerss
  • Art Direction: Nancy Fong
  • Package Design: Marc Anderson Group
  • Package Photography: Geoffrey Nelson Photography
  • Screen Shots: Paul Grace
  • Lead Tester: Jeff Hoas
  • Support Testers: Jack Falk, Karyn Taylor
  • Documentation: Eric Lindstrom and R. J. Berg