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Title - MG-Sim Genoa Arrivals 1
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Release Date - 2005
Developer - MG-Sim
Publisher -

Available from http://www.mgsim.com/

Publisher's description:

" Introduction
- Pay attention at wind shear in Genoa! Fly difficult circling!
- It's a collection of 4 airline's flights approaching to Genoa Sestri (LIMJ). Useful stuff to understand air communications and IFR procedures...or simply to enjoy listening air communications.
- In all Flights you are the PF (pilot flying) and your copilot will set for you the radios and he will contact the ATC.

- over 3h of REAL ATC voices
- other real traffics in frequency
- REAL S.T.A.R.s and Approaches!
- all charts needed inside
- complete documentation and com. transcriptions
- auto-tuning of radio frq. after 30sec.
- liveries of aircrafts included
- You can start the flight from departures airport or from the begin of REAL approach (about 100nm before)
- You can also depart from another airport and the real approach will start at the right time
- you can fly with your own add-on aircrafts to improve the realism

Flights included
Air Dolomti 81G Atr 42-500 from Ronchi dei Legionari, Ryan air 976 B737-800 from London, Speedbird 82MJ B737-400 from London, Ryan air 976 B737-800 from London. "

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