Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator
Exhibit: Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998)

I chose to fly from the German perspective first.

You can choose to fly the Messerschmidt Bf 109E, or 109G, or the Fockewulf 190A-8. First mission was a fighter sweep ( Frei-jagd ) around Amsterdam.

Taking off was tricky as the plane swings left as you open the throttle. Compensate with right rudder... not too much!!!! Whoaaa, up on 2 wheels then "thump" as I correct with the stick and plant the wheels again.

The audio cues are magnificent, you can hear how many wheels are on the ground, flaps, gear, the adjacent planes phase in and out of synchro with your props.

Look out for the plane next to me, the proper form here seems to be take-off 2 abreast, then swing right adn climb out in formation to 20,000 feet.

The climb out and cruise to the target area is a great opportunity to practise your formation flying skills and get used to reading the instruments.

A formation takeoff

Attempting to form up on my wingman