Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator
Exhibit: Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998)


An inflight map can be called and resized and rescaled as you see fit. A good portion of Western Europe is modelled in incredible detail. This sim has a photo-real feel to it. The landscape looks uncannily good at all altitudes.

Bullet holes in the canopy

Ignoring the bullet holes for a moment, the bitmaps are done in such a way that they don't pixellate and jump about as you get closer.

Still pictures cannot convey the sense of speed...

WAIT for this picture to load... it's animated!

Starting at altitude and zooming in on the landscape.

Scenery so real it's scary!

Still pictures cannot convey the sense of speed you get doing 300 knots at 100 feet... breathtaking. This is one of those few sims where 1500 ft altitude looks like.... like 1500 feet! Once again I stress it's the extraordinary clarity and smoothness in scaling which enables this effect. The test system was nothing extraordinary either ... Pentium 233MMX with 64 MEG RAM and a 16 Meg Creative 3D Blaster Banshee.

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