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Have map will fly...

On September 18th 2002 MiGMan interviewed Scott Lee and checked out the beta.

MiGMan: It looks like a 2-D war game map.

Scott Lee : Yeah - like the planning map we saw in the intro video where the generals said "We're going to go in here and take out this bridge". You're actually choosing which part of the war you want to advance. You see the line here is different colours... where it's white means there might be an opportunity for you to actually go in there and push the line back.

So if I was flying for the RAF I could choose that sector then go to the briefing where it would generate a mission such as " you need to go and take out these bogies over the English Channel " or " you need to go take out this bridge", and if I can complete the mission successfuly it might advance that part of the front line.

MiGMan: So it's dynamic in that sense?

Scott Lee : Exactly. The missions would change every time too. One time it might be "take out the bridge", another time "take out the tankers"...

MiGMan: Would you get a choice?

Scott Lee : Umm... I don't know... let's have a look... ah yes, OK. So that's the sector and there are several choices of mission here.

MiGMan: So if there were a particular type of mission you prefer you could specialise in that?

Missions available

Scott Lee : Yeah - here's an intercept mission, here's an escort mission, here's Combat Air Patrol, here's reconnaisance, there's a bridge to blow up...

MiGMan: That's great. So you could actually pick one plane and one type of mission then more or less specialise in that?

Scott Lee : For that part of the campaign yes. If I want to play through the entire campaign then I'd have to eventually fly different mission types.


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