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Exhibit - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3

Looking for a fight

On September 18th 2002 MiGMan interviewed Scott Lee and checked out the beta.

Scott Lee : Now I'll go find some aircraft I'm supposed to be in a dogfight here.

MiGMan: So what colour will they show up as? (On the tactical display)

Scott Lee : They're the red ones. The one I've selected, he's the triangle. That's my wingman here.

Computer voices : "Split the formation"... "Attack"... "On your target!"

Scott Lee : Now he's gonna go get my target.

MiGMan: Are there more wingman commands in this version?

Scott Lee : I just use the 2 at the moment so I don't know...

Ok so they've taken my boy out. There's the Eiffel Tower. You wanna fly this?

MiGMan: No you keep going, I'll watch. I like that cone... that's one of the best targettting devioces I'v seen (Note - it was introduced in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998))

Scott Lee : Now I haven't quite worked out the targetting myself, all these new targets are buildings and I'm not on a bombing we go

(NOTE : It turned out that "T" selected modes - Air, vehicle, aerodrome, ship etc)

Like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 ... but faster.

MiGMan: The ground detail looks pretty much like FS2002

Scott Lee : There are a lot of similarities but we're now able to push all the triangles and graphics faster. The engine has been optimised for low level flight.