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Exhibit - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3

Heating up...

On September 18th 2002 MiGMan interviewed Scott Lee and checked out the beta.

Scott Lee : Ahh.... I don't want to take out a basilica!


MiGMan: He he - why not... I don't mind!.... it's all in the... ahh.. name of art!


Scott Lee : Here are some bridges...

MiGMan: No rockets on this?

Scott Lee : (Checks weapons)... no I didn't load them...

MiGMan: Can you go under these bridges?

Scott Lee : Ah... this one is too low, but some of them, yeah.

Tracers start flying past the cockpit with accompanying sounds.

Scott Lee : Ooohh, let's look at this.

Goes to external view.

Wow.... showering bullets!

MiGMan: How come... oh yeah, you're flying in 'invulnerable' mode!

SL : He he.... I can fire mine too guys!

Sounds of cannon fire and tracers

Now I'm gonna crash.... watch the explosion....

Arrgh.... I bounced .... 'invulnerable' mode! Darn it!