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Exhibit - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3

Getting the feel

On September 18th 2002 MiGMan interviewed Scott Lee and checked out the beta.

Scott Lee : Here you try it.

MiGMan: OK. Where's padlock view?

Scott Lee : That's the "Tab" key.

(It was the "Tilde" key)

MiGMan: Not working ... must be too far away. Not to worry...

Scott Lee : As you can see... the detail... there are thousands of buildings...

MiGMan: ... and lot's of trees...

Flying lower I brushed the tree-tops then pulled up slightly for a barrel roll over the Parisian apartment blocks.

Scott Lee : He he - he's done this before!

Spectator : Yes there seems to be some level of skill there.

MiGMan: Zoom view in and out?

Scott Lee : Bracket keys.

I zoomed in a notch and headed up the river towards a series of bridges.

MiGMan: This one's a bit low I think.

Ack ack ack .....

MiGMan: ... another low one....

ack ack ack .....

MiGMan: can practice strafing on them anyway.

MiGMan: Looks like an airfield over there... (pointing to what looks like airfield landing lights)...

Scott Lee : Yeah I think so.