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Exhibit - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3

A new graphics engine

On September 18th 2002 MiGMan interviewed Scott Lee and checked out the beta.

Scott Lee: Any more questions?

MiGMan: Let me look at my list, we've already covered most of them.

System specs.... you've got the usual extremely optimistic Microsoft specs quoted.

Scott Lee: Minimum Pentium 400, 16 meg video card, 128 MEG RAM... To play it well you really want at least a Geforce 2. To run it like that (what we were using on the day) you really want a Geforce 3 or 4, 256 MEG RAM and a 1 GHz processor.

MiGMan: As you said it's an optimised verision of the FS2002 graphics engine.

Scott Lee: Well the engine's actually completely different.

MiGMan: That's right because it's not compatible.

Scott Lee: Right - it's not backward compatible.

MiGMan: I can hear screams from all round the world.

Scott Lee: Yea I know I know, we get it every time we do that. But the reason...

MiGMan: Yea this is what I want to know...

Scott Lee: Tell them that it's a trade-off right. In order to get the low level combat, the beautiful graphics, the high frame rates... you just saw the thousands of buildings at over 30 frames per second... the team had to rewrite the graphics engine.

There are some borrowings from FS2002, the weather effects, autogen...

The aircraft are all new...

MiGMan: Gmax models?

Scott Lee: Yep - there'll be a G-Max tool and and SDK so you can start tweaking the aircraft straight away.

MiGMan: So it's just one of the prices of progress?


Scott Lee: Yep but it is progress... let's not forget that!


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