Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3 Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3 Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3
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2002 - - Preview

"Undocumented features" -
  • Instant screen shot capture. Type Control-; (semicolon) and you'll instantly capture the screen shot and save it to your "My Documents" folder. No more need to hit print screen and then save the clipboard image to your photo editing software. Two keystrokes and you capture screen shots on-the-fly.
  • Add/remove gauges from the Full View screen. Type Control-Shift 1-5 to add/ remove or change up to five different gauges that can appear on your Full View Screen.
  • CFSconfig.exe. A program to make it a snap to configure CFS3 to your specific system.
2002 - - Campaigns

2002 - - Mosquito

2002 - - engine performance at altitude

2002 - - Spitfire

2002 - - Luftwaffe - system specs

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