Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Press pack info, 2006

I. Introduction

Get ready to experience the highly anticipated next installment of Microsoft's legendary Flight Simulator. The culmination of nearly 25 years of development of the historic franchise, this edition features a new, more immersive world, mission-based game play, new aircraft, and enhanced interactive online capabilities. Gamers and aviation enthusiasts of all ages, types, and skill levels can experience first-hand what it's like to be an aviator flying solo or online with others.

Flight Simulator X introduces virtual pilots to a unique playground that spans the globe, with high-detail airports and cities, real-world digital elevation data modeling the lay of the land, and a fleet of aircraft for every kind of flying.

Flight Simulator X models the entire world in an exacting, realistic way, providing the user with exciting technology and stunning visuals. This version has three important new features: Living World, Shared Skies, and Missions.

From the press pack, 2006

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