Microsoft  Flight Simulator 2002 Microsoft  Flight Simulator 2002 Microsoft  Flight Simulator 2002 Microsoft  Flight Simulator 2002

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

My first flight

I swung right onto base leg. OK, flaps down, gear down.... oh.. gear is down! I'm not used to these fixed-gear-sim-planes.

Base leg at Mascot

Flaps down came with a definite thump in the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2joystick and ... whew .. that runway looks awful small. Speaking of small, these light planes are a handful at low speed when compared to the fighter jets which are generally stable and smoooooth.

I made contact with the runway 3 times... once for each wheel. Actually it was more than once for each wheel. The main thing was I could actually feel contacnt with the ground.

Not to harp on the point, but the Force Feedback was a buzz as I could definetely feel each wheel make contact with the bitumen.

on the grass

Not that I stayed on the bitumen... ah well, at least I got down in one piece. The stick vibration during landing is just about right too. In the original release of Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2the forces would bounce my stick right off the desk! Most annoying (they released a patch for it.).

Using the ATC menu again I asked for taxi instructions which resulted in a rapid fire list of coordinates. Now come guys - this is a sim in itself."The Ancient Art of Taxiing"! But help was at hand - there was an option for progressive taxi instructions and assisted taxi. My pilot said something like "I am unfamiliar with this airport .... please help me!". Lo and behold someone trundled out a giant magic marker and all I had to do was follow the purple brick road home.

Assisted taxi


Looks like family - I think I'll park here awhile.

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