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Microsoft Flight Simulator 98

Bell 206B JetRanger


" The Bell 206B JetRanger is one of the most popular general purpose helicopters ever built.

It is a single pilot, five-place, single-engine light helicopter. The aircraft is equipped with an Allison Model 250-C20B or 250-C20J turbine engine flat rated to 317 shaft horsepower (236 kW). The JetRanger has a two blade, semirigid main rotor and a tail rotor to provide directional control. The fuselage is covered by metal and fiberglass, an all-metal tailboom supports the vertical fin, fixed horizontal stabilizer, tail rotor, and tail rotor drive system.

The JetRanger has tubular steel landing skids and can be equipped with pop-out or fixed floats for water operations."

Specs :

Length: 31 ft 3.5 in (9.54 m)
Height: 11 ft 7.5 in (3.54 m)
Rotor span: 33.33 ft (10.16 m)
Skid Width: 6.28 ft (1.91 m)
Empty Weight: 1750 lbs (794 kg)
Maximum Gross Weight: 3200 lbs (1451.5 kg)
Maximum Speed: 130 knots (241 km/hr)
Service Ceiling: 13500 ft (4115 m)
Maximum Rate of Climb: 1300 fpm (396 m/min)
Normal Operating Speed: 0 - 130 knots (0 - 241 km/hr)
Fuel Capacity: 91 gal (344.5 l)

MiGMan's Diary

The Virtual cockpit dials are cosmetic only, they don't function.

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Bell 206B JetRanger
Bell 206B JetRanger cockpit
Bell 206B JetRanger Virtual Cockpit
Bell 206B JetRanger gauges

Gauges - actual size

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