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The official Microprose site - get the patch here - The patch should be installed directly after a full clean install of MSFS98. The site also has tutorials and tips.

Addit! Pro is a full-featured addon manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. With Addit! Pro you can
  • Easily install, manage and remove adventures, aircraft, panels, scenery, situations, sounds, textures and videos
  • archive addons you are not using
  • modify aircraft, panels and sounds
  • add scenery to Flight Simulator 98's scenery library
MSFS98 Converter - this program allows you to import aircraft.
Easter Eggs at
Glideslope Software by John Miller has a North West England scenery pack. The scenery covers an area approximately 100 Km x 75 Km that stretches from the west coast of England at Birkenhead to Stalybridge in the east. And from Slaidburn in the north to Crewe in the south. Suitable for Flight Simulator 2000 and Flight Simulator 98.

Ozpack - Australian scenery designed by Australians!

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Just Flight

Glideslope Software's English Lakes District Scenery
Glideslope Software's North West England Scenery
Mayday! Mayday!

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