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Exhibit - Marine Fighters


The campaign was based in the Kurile Islands to the immediate North of Japan.

The first mission was a toughy. You first had to get past a Su-27 Flanker CAP which was very difficult, I finally figured out that the Flankers were gunning for my aircraft in particular, so I would send my wingmen in to attack while I concentrated on evading the wall of missiles those Flankers seem to put out!

This gave my wingmen a chance to mop them up. Then it was a race against time to splash 3 Tu-160 Blackjack bombers before they destroyed a friendly convoy.

This wasn't too hard unless they ran away... which they usually did, then to "CAP" it off more Su-27's arrived on the scene. If we could splash the Blackjacks quickly enough it was possible to run away from the Flankers at very low altitude.... they usually lost interest! Oh yeah, did I mention the Hind Gunships?

Tupelov 160 Long Range Bomber

Tupelov 160 Long Range Bomber