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Mech Warrior 4 - Vengeance

Mech my day!

... sorry, I had to say that!

In many ways the Mechwarrior games exemplify good PC gaming - they are loud, fast and require some thinking.

This is a first person perspective shooter based in the Mechwarrior universe created in the early 1980's by Jordan Weisman and FASA.

PC and I spent an enjoyable day playing Mechwarrior 4 on 16 networked PC's. The graphics were awesome and the game wasn't running on a ninja machine either! Despite his professed "lack of time to play games" I have been unable to wrest the software from PC's Windows 2000 system.

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Our first look - Jumpin' Cats

MiGMan jumps into the action
Long Range
Short Range
Repair bays
Big Mechs - scale

Graphics settings

Try commanding the Mech Universe from a different perspective:

MechWarrior 4 - screenshot courtesy of Microsoft

Neat dance moves - this guy must enjoy TECHNO
< groan >

MechWarrior 4 - screenshot courtesy of Microsoft

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