Title - MegaScenery Volume 02 - New York

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A prop aircraft with good visibility is the way to sight see. Approaching Manhatten from the East shows the expanse of the skyscraper zone and contrasts nicely with the low-rise in the foreground.

MegaScenery 02 - New York is a VFR pilot's dream with such distinctive features as this stadium and the surrounding water, the river bend and the clover leaf intersections making it impossible to get lost.

As well as the urban terrain there is enough surrounding countryside to keep you entertained. Although, as I found, scooting along at 500 knots in a B-2 causes the hard drive to work overtime loading textures. There was no stuttering, but the terrain became blurry at times. To be fair, the documentation with the full version states that the best speed for sightseeing is under 250 knots.

At high speeds you will also reach the edge of the enhanced scenery in fairly short order. This does give an opportunity to compare Microsoft's default Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004scenery with the -02-New-York.php">MegaScenery 02 - New York's photo-realistic enhancements.

Notice about 1/2 way up this screenshot the transition between the old and new river. It has to be said that, given the scope of the sim and the relatively small install, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004does a smashing job. (see INSTALLATION).

With the magic of flight-sims I transitioned mid-air back to the T-28 Trojan, it's bubble canopy and steady handling making it a great sight seeing platform. Spotting a Cessna I tried some formation flying...


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