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Mosquito FB Mk.VI

" In 1938 de Havilland began designing the Mosquito that could be used for unarmed bombing or reconnaissance. The theory behind this rather radical idea was that if the speed and altitude of such an aircraft were high enough, it would have no need for defensive armament and could observe or attack targets without interference from enemy defences.

Using two of the latest Rolls Royce engines, the Merlin, the aircraft would be constructed from ‘non-strategic’ materials, namely wood. "

Mosquito Squadron campaign mission

Crew: 2


Span: 54'2ft (16.52m).
Length: 40'10ft (12.45m)
Height: 17'5ft (5.3m).
Weight - Max: 22,000Lb (10,000kg).
Power Plant: 2x 1640hp RR Merlin

Performance :

Max speed: 378 Mph (605km/h).
Max climb: 1,870ft/min (570m/min).
Ceiling: 26,000ft (7,925m)
Range: 1,120 Miles (1,800km).

Loadouts in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2:

  • Guns only
  • Guns only long range
  • Bombs
  • Bombs long range
  • Rockets
  • Rockets long range
  • Bombs / Rockets long range
Hint :

GO VERY LIGHTLY on the wheel brakes during landing - tap them, don't jam them on.

Cockpit Panels :


Hi - visibility panel
Hi - visibility

Snap views
Snap views

The manual unfortunately doesnt give operating speeds for the Mosquito so I referred to the table in The Dam Busters.

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