Mosquito Squadron Mosquito Squadron
Exhibit - Mosquito Squadron


On inserting the CD the install screen offers the option of installing to

Mosquito Squadron - CD

Mosquito Squadron - installation menu

Feeling in a combative mood I chose Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 first. After watching the Just Flight promo video (which you can skip with the Esc key) tbe install shield continues with the installation and places a shortcut on your desktop.

Desktop shortcut to the Combat Flight Sim 2 version

Clicking on this takes you into the sim with all the appropriate settings changed and the Mosquito Squadron menus active. You can still start Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2in the normal configuration. This is an excellent idea. The first time you run the sim it configures the new scenery files automatically.

Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 menu screens -

Mosquito Squadron - start screen

Mosquito Squadron - loading sim screen
Mosquito Squadron - splash screen

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