Mosquito Squadron Mosquito Squadron
Exhibit - Mosquito Squadron

Mission 01
Baedecker raids

Ac : Mosquito FB Mk.VI
Date : 7th July 1942
Time : 1800


Baedecker raids began in the Spring and Summer of 1942. During this period the Luftwaffe waged the Baedecker offensive against targets at British historic towns, such as Bath, Canterbury, York, and Exter, as well as other places of high historic value.

Fw-190's are on the way in. Scramble and intercept.

MiGMan's diary

Take off from BA Methwold was uneventfull with the other chappies flying nicely in formation.

A short 20 mile jaunt to the coast and we mixed it up with bally Jerry !

A right set to was in order and shortly Jerry had flaming pants. We lost a chap or two - he he - I actually shot up the wings of 2 of our chappies until I turned "Aircraft Labels" on.... and I did spin in once.... but all in all a good morning's work and back in time for elevenses.

Mosquito Squadron campaign mission
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Mosquito Squadron campaign mission Mosquito Squadron campaign mission

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