Mosquito Squadron Mosquito Squadron
Exhibit - Mosquito Squadron

Mission 02

Ac : Mosquito FB Mk.VI
Date : 1st June 1943
Time : 0800


Mosquito's bombed and strafed seven vessels in and around Hinder Bay on 1 June 1943.

Cargo ships have been spotted - take off and send them to the deep.

MiGMan's Diary

334 miles to the first waypoint ! Yikes... better use "warp drive" (the ' X ' key).

OK - in the target area and sure enough there is a convoy below. After ineffectually unloading all my bombs and rockets - and trying several strafing runs... I noticed my airspeed dropping. It was down to 150 knots, what was going on?

Looking out the virtual cockpit over the wings I noticed, belatedly, smoke and flames.

Aha. "That would explain it" I thought as the Mosquito flipped inverted and disintegrated.

The ships were throwing up a fair bit of FLAK ... and there was that flight of fighters I had been ignoring until now. OK - try again and this time I'd pay a lot more attention to the threats. This was no cakewalk.

Mosquito Squadron campaign mission Mosquito Squadron campaign mission

This time the "Barnhof Boys", as they were called, made an initial nuisance of themselves, getting on my tail for a moment before heading up and away, they just didn't want to play after that.

Turning my attention back to the ships - and by now I had spotted 3 convoys - I put to one side the entreaties of my wingmen "Look out for the FLAK".. and went down for another strafing run.

It's very easy to exceed the VNE of 364 knots in a dive so I throttled back and was sitting on 350 knots when whamm bammm... the Mossie jolted from side to side then exploded.

This was proving to be quite a challenge. Note - I was playing the campaign on the recommended 'easy' setting.

Third time lucky - I shared a kill on "Doppelganger" and was able to warp home.

Mosquito Squadron campaign mission
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