Mosquito Squadron Mosquito Squadron
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Mission 03
Chemical Plant

Ac : Mosquito FB Mk.VI
Date : 1st June 1943
Time : 1200


Photoreconnaissance in Norway has uncovered factory facilities along the coast.

This afternoon the assignment will be the destruction of factories in Norway. Follow the valley to the factory site. Destroy all factories.

Mosquito Squadron campaign mission

MiGMan's Diary

Still the 1st of June - but now it's mid-day - there's no rest for the wicked Mossie pilot !

This mission starts in the air and over some eye-catching terrain - probably the best mountain terrain I've seen in the
Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 graphics engine. It's 130 miles to the target run-in and although I was tempted to fly there in real time I decided to 'warp'. This brought us to the mouth of a fjiord (see fig.2 opposite) so down we went to what was a milk run. I actually destroyed the factory on my first pass.

Mosquito Squadron campaign mission Mosquito Squadron campaign mission
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The flight home read as 742 miles... so it was warp time again. Mmmm I flew out to 670 miles and the warp wouldn't function. Must have been a bug in the mission design.

And about that factory - it sure looked lonely there - 2 buildings and a dock. But in other Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 add-ons such as Korean Combat Pilot (2001) , when I had lesser hardware, I complained about the frame rate drop in the densely populated target areas. Now - with an Athlon 1.8 MHz processor I was eager for more detail. Just goes to show you can't please 'em all.

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