Mosquito Squadron Mosquito Squadron
Exhibit - Mosquito Squadron

Mission - Copenhagen

Ac : Mosquito FB Mk.VI
Date : 21st March 1945
Time : 1200


On March 21, 1945 Mosquito's from 140 wing took off from England to attack the Bearing Factories in Copenhagen Denmark.

This afternoon we will be bombing German bearing factories in Copenhagen. Flak is reported to be serious in this region. Expect enemy airpower in this area also. So watch your six!!!!

MiGMan's Diary

Fairly easy to spot the targets - they were the only large 3D structures around. From altitude the city mapping looks very effective however - in the best tradition of the ' photo - imaging ' seen in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998), and which I always felt had been under-utilised in the Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 engine. Mosquito Squadron campaign mission
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Copenhagen is a very orderly town.

Well perhaps not that orderly! These structures only appear around the target, perhaps to encourage accurate fire.

Mosquito Squadron campaign mission Mosquito Squadron campaign mission

Saying hi to some friends.

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