Nuclear Strike

Installation: 2004

I had problems getting the program to start in Windows XP. The tech support at Electronic Arts website had no info at all about the game.

Eventually I got the Launcher shell to run in Windows 98 compatibility mode and ran the configuration check. It stated the hardware requirements as :

Processor - 80586 (Pentium)
Speed - 144 MHz
RAM - 16 MB
CD ROM - 4 x speed
Direct X - version 5
Glide - not required
3DFX - not required

Interestingly it couldn't detect that I had a ATI Radeon 9600 XTgraphics card installed - it was probably looking for 3DFX VoodooVoodoo chips.

On attempting to run the game a message stated that I might need to revert to Direct X version 5 in order to play it. That wasn't going to happen, and as the game hung on a black screen for the umpteenth time I gave up.

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