PBY-5  Catalina PBY-5  Catalina PBY-5  Catalina
Exhibit - PBY-5 Catalina
Release Date - 2000
Platform - PC
Developer - Franklin Devaux and the ASCENDANCE team.
Publisher - Abacus
In collection - No.
Comments - It added 4 versions of the aircraft to Microsoft Combat Flight Sim: land-based civilian, water-based civilian, land-based military, water-based military.


Franklin Devaux is founder of a major regional carrier that is part of an international airline. He has extensive connections to real aviation manufacturers and industry members and brings an authoritative perspective to the world of flight simulation. He has assembled a very competent development company, ASCENDANCE.

The ASCENDANCE team has mastered special techniques including shining landing lights, silky-smooth landing gear motion, working wipers and fully functional custom instrumentation to deliver this visually breathtaking aircaft.

  • Aircraft and panel design is by Herve Janin
  • Gauges and special instrumentation is by Herve Janin and Florence Passelergue
  • Video clips and sound are created by professional television crews who photographed the real Princess.

Info from www.abacuspub.com