Pacific Fighters
Exhibit - Pacific Fighters
Release Date - 2004
Platform -
Developer - 1C:Maddox Games
Publisher - Ubisoft
In collection - No
Comments -


Chino reported :

After trying IL-2 Forgotten Battles I bought Pacific Fighters and spent three days in copy protection hell.

I installed Pacific Fighters on top of IL-2 Forgotten Battles (one of the options, "merged" install so you have all the aircraft, maps, etc.). In this case, the software could not recognize the CD2 that was there for security. It kept saying "insert the proper CD."

Research on the web pointed to a defective RTS.DLL which exists in several flavors. None that I downloaded worked. I did a full uninstall, re-install IL-2 Forgotten BattlesGold (works OK), then new merged install of Pacific Fighters (new CD's too, I exchanged it in case CD was defective). Same deal - "no CD found."

Finally I uninstalled all and installed Pacific Fighters standalone instead of merged - still doesn't work. But I tried each of the several RTS.DLL files I had found, and one of them worked (either the one from ubisoft support site or a supposedly "cracked" version I found in a Google search, both were 104 KB).

So I can run Pacific Fighters though I can't use IL-2 Forgotten Battles aircraft, only Pacific Fighters.

Oh well, I mainly wanted the Wildcat and Hellcat.

Pacific Fightersworks quite well with Track IR3, view moves smoother than it did in IL-2 Sturmovik. But the easiest target I could find in my first search through the list was a Kawasaki flying boat, and those guys have aggressive gunners and can take a lot of damage. Practice I guess. I think I also need check the frame rate and probably turn down some detail as it gets a bit jerky when other A/C are close by.

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