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Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight - 2003
Title - Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight
Release Date - 2003
Platform - PC, Playstation 2
Developer - Interactive Vision Games
Publisher - ValuSoft, a division of THQ
Collection - - No.
Comments -

" Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight! puts you in the seat of a classic fighter plane during the action-filled Pacific conflict between the Americans and the Japanese during World War II. The focus is on action, not true-to-life flight simulation, but an adrenaline rush as you roar through the skies to take out your next target.

Choose your side American or Japanese, and follow a historically based time flow through 25 missions in each campaign. " Features
  • 2 Pacific Island landscapes
  • 50 challenging missions
  • 4 legendary WWII planes to fly
  • Realistic weapons including machine guns, bombs and rockets
  • Enemies include tanks, missile turrets, gun boats, battleships, fighters and bombers
  • Upgrades for planes and weapons
  • American and Japanese voice samples
  • Historically based time flow
  • Volumetric particle system cloud effects

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