Luftwaffe Collection
Pearl Harbor (2001)

USN Mission 6
December 7, 1941


AIRFIELD: Haleiwa Field


TIME: 08:15

MISSION SUMMARY: (This is afictional mission, but based on information available to the military command at Pearl).

The War Department is relying on the nation's B-17s to project power throughout the Pacific, but Hawaii has been light on the aircraft due to the needs of the Philippines. A flight of B-17s is due in at 0830. Radar reports the aircraft coming in now! Go escort them in.

MiGMan's diary
First time out I dutifully flew to the waypoint - no B-17's !!!!!!! I hit X to skip to the next waypoint and was back at base with the option to land.

OK - try again - this time I slipped to the first waypoint and sure enough the bombers showed up. So did the Japanese interceptors and although I tried the mission several times I couldn't
  • A - defend the bombers
  • B - survive
... and that's not a criticism - this was a fun mission.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor