Luftwaffe Collection
Pearl Harbor (2001)

Scenario " Could You Have Made a Difference?

Pearl Harbor is a full-on expansion, designed exclusively for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2 that will allow you a chance to change the course of history. You can now relive the surprise attack that forever changed American and Japanese lives. December 7, 1941 is a date that changed history forever. Now you can experience the fear and courage of a day that will live in infamy. "

" That the attack on Pearl Harbor succeeded at all was a wonder of military genius, interservice conflict and competition (between USAAF and USN), and pure dumb luck. The USAAF and USN flier had, by all accounts, a very bad day. However, the IJN aviators didn't exactly have a cakewalk, either.

Communications problems between flights and squadrons, unknown readiness status of the island defenses, the customary independent actions of flight leaders (often overriding well thought-out and well-informed battle plans), and the sheer anger, determination and desperation of ground defenses once the true character of the day was known all contributed to a challenging day for the pilots of the Imperial Japanese Navy. That the actions of their commanders and government may have been cowardly and less than honourable is not at question here.

As will be seen by the player, their actions in the conflict were nothing less than fearless. "

" Our missions have been constructed to give the player the experience of being at Pearl within the limits presented by CFS2. We have noted where liberties have been taken with the facts to present what might have happened if events had been only marginally different. Our mission designer has used the label "fictional" for these missions. Still, only the slightest of chances kept any of these from being history. "