Luftwaffe Collection
Pearl Harbor (2001)


The package installs over 150 new textures including several airfields and 2 dimensional representations of the docks and urban landscape around Pearl Harbour. This technique looks good at altitude but unimpressive at low level. It does keep the frame rates up however.

In the campaign missions there are static ships in dock and parked aircraft at the bases, it would have been nice access these in "quick missions" as well - and more so in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

I found a strange effect when plating in 1280 x 1024 mode - the hangars were textured in a camouflage pattern - it looked quite effective :

Im sure this was the intended texture (taken at 1024 x 768) :

Possibly the sim couldn't find the correct texture at that resolution and instead applied the terrain texture. Interesting.

The palm trees created for this add-on are startingly realistic up close. Don't expect to see them all over the island however, they are only used to enhance the scenery around airbases.

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