Private Pilot Training<
Exhibit - Private Pilot Training
Release Date -
Platform - PC
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000
Developer - AeroClub de France (AeCF) and developer Ascendance
Publisher - Abacus
In collection - No.
Comments - Private Pilot Training was published by Abacus. It added interactive training to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, beyond what was already in the sim. It also added 2 aircraft: TB-10 Tobago and TB-20 Trinidad.

" The AeCF is the foremost aviation organization in the world with well over 100,000 members. Headed by President Gerald Feldzer, who is also a senior Airbus 340 captain and instructor, the AeCF brings 102 years of flight training experience. Ascendance is a major French developer, whose CEO Franklin Devaux is also a major airline executive. These two have teamed up to bring authoritative, real-world aviation expertise to the world of flight simulation. " from