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Royal Air Force 2000
Exhibit: Royal Air Force 2000

Boeing Chinook

Boeing ChinookFB.VI of 487 Squadron

" Developed along Vertol's proven twin rotor concept the Chinook first flew in 1961, The RAF version HC1 entered service in the mid 70's. they are flown by 7, 18 and 27 Squadrons. Fitted with 3 cargo hooks and can carry a normal load of 55 troops. "

  • Length: 51' excl Rotors

  • Span:12' excl Rotors ( rotor span 60' )

  • Weight:22,379lb Empty 50,000lb MTOW

  • Power:2xTextron Lycoming T55 @ 4378 shp

  • Range:Operational Radius 35-115 miles

Date: February 2000
Designer: Colin Norwood

Cockpit details

MiGMan's notes

These eggbeaters take some practice!
These snaps were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 at Seletar, Singapore.

De Havilland BoeingChinook

Don't ask me why the door's open!
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De Havilland BoeingChinook
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De Havilland BoeingChinook

Gauges - actual size

De Havilland BoeingChinook

De Havilland BoeingChinook

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