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Red Baron (1991) Red Baron (1991)
Red Baron (1991)

Release Date: 1991
Developer: Dynamix
Publisher: Sierra
Collection: Yes.
Comments: Red Baron was a World War I air combat sim published by Sierra in 1991 and designed by Damon Slye.

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Year Price O/S Notes
1992 (AUD $100.00?) MS-DOS 5.0 Hardware Requirements:
  • 386
  • MS-DOS 5.0
  • 2MB RAM
  • VGA/256
  • hard drive
  • CD-ROM
  • Win3.1 for on-line documentation
Hardware Requirements for Red Baron
2018 AUD $3.49 from GOG Win 7 in the Red Baron Pack

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  • WW I dogfighting
  • Campaign of over 40 missions
  • Fly any of 33 different aircraft

Find out more about Damon Slye.

Red Baron - Click for a bigger picture

Zeppelin - click for a bigger picture

Red Baron by Damon Slye -
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Damon Slye

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