Red Star over Korea (2002)
Exhibit: Red Star over Korea (2002)

MiG-15 001: Dogfight

" You are one of a team of four elite Russian Pilots sent to Korea to hone your fighting skills and get some first-hand experience of US tactics. You are on your way to P'Yonggang to join a squadron of North Korean MiG-15 Pilots, when you run into a flight of four US Navy Banshees.

You must destroy the Banshees and then continue to P'Yonggang.

As you aproach the airfield you will see two La-7s heading out on a ground attack mission - these are just for local colour.

If you intend to land, note that waypoint 3 is "Contact Tower". On reaching this point, you may be advised to:
  • call up your ADF (Shift+5)
  • click the ON switch
  • click the minus key to tune in to P'Yonggang, ADF:95 - this will aid you to get the correct line-up for the runway
  • Waypoint 4: Final Descent, puts you more or less on a straight route in to touchdown
  • The strip runs 147 degrees/327 degrees, and you may land from either end
  • Once you have successfully landed and set your park brake, you must then press X to end the mission
  • Alternatively, you may wish to press X repeatedly in order to warp through the waypoints and end the mission without landing

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea
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