Red Star over Korea (2002)
Exhibit: Red Star over Korea (2002)

MiG-15 004: Intercept

" You and your wingman take off on a patrol mission to the west of the airfield, but an urgent message diverts you towards Changyon Marshalling Yard, where a force of US Navy bombers and fighter escorts is expected to undertake a strike.

If you fly the waypoints, keeping your speed around the 380-400Kts mark, you'll get to Changyon Marshalling Yard slightly ahead of the strike force. However, if you warp your way there, you will probably have to circle the railyard for half a minute to let the enemy catch up. Whilst you're there, take a look down at all those neat lines of rolling stock, and marvel at how long it must have taken me to get it all properly in place, just so somebody can come along and blow it all up!

Actually, those of you who have the Valley Forge pack will have already been here in mission 308, so now you get to see it from the other side.

The Navy Bomber force consists of four Banshees, and they are escorted by two Panthers. Hit the bombers first, hoping to scatter them and spoil their bomb run, even if you don't manage an instant kill on your first pass. But be careful of those Panthers sneaking up behind and ripping you apart whilst you sweeten your line-up on the Banshees.

If the Navy force proves too skilful an opponent, and the dogfight becomes protracted, you will eventually be rescued by four MiGs that have been despatched to rescue you.

Once all enemy planes have been downed or have left the area, you may either complete your waypoint path and land at P'Yonggang, or press X and warp through your waypoints as previously detailed. "

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

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