Red Star over Korea (2002)
Exhibit: Red Star over Korea (2002)

MiG-15 005: Reconnaisance

" We have received intelligence regarding the possible location of the Valley Forge Carrier Fleet, and your job is to confirm the information for a possible strike.

You take off alone and fly west towards Changyon. Fly at 10,000 to 20,000 ft altitude to conserve fuel, as this is a long hop. On your way, you may be amused to spot two Po-2 biplanes returning from a mission.

When you get to Waypoint 1, just before Changyon, you turn south and head towards the suspected location of the fleet, and can slowly lose height to around 2000 ft over the sea.

On reaching waypoint 2, you must ignore further waypoint instructions and call up your ADF (Shift+4). Switch on (mouse-click on the left switch), and using the up/down arrows, tune in to CV-45, slot 99 which carries the co-ordinates for the suspected fleet location. (Once you are in range of the enemy, the Microsoft waypoint system goes T**s up, so using the ADF will get over this flaw)

Fly the needle until you spot the fleet. You may overfly, but be careful of flak and four enemy Panther fighters that head your way. DO NOT ENGAGE: your job is now to get home in one piece with your valuable information. So quickly tune your ADF to P'yonggang, slot 95, and fly the needle at full throttle. The Panthers should fall behind you, unless you get too close to them, and once they are out of range, your waypoint instructions will return, and you can follow them to waypoint 3, which is directly over your airfield.

On the way back, you will pass six MiG-15s on their way out to spring a little trap on those Panthers. If you fancy a little action, then drop in behind them and help them win the dogfight, but be careful you don't run out of fuel.

When you get to waypoint 3, you can either press X to end the mission, or you can circle the airfield to line up for a perfect landing. By now you should be pretty familiar with the orientation of the runway, so landing should be a snip. Then press X to finish the mission. "

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

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