Red Star over Korea (2002)
Exhibit: Red Star over Korea (2002)

MiG-15 006: Scramble

" Your airfield has just been hit by the first wave of a Navy strike force. Some planes have scrambled to chase the attackers, but just as you prepare to take off after them, a second wave of bombers swoops low over the airfield.

You'll not see anything of that first wave, or the pursuers, they're just a piece of dramatic fiction to explain why some of the buildings and aircraft at your airfield are on fire, and give you some impetus to get into the air before the same happens to you.

If you scramble quickly, and turn 180 degrees, you'll meet six Navy Tigercats head-on before they get a chance to drop their bombs. Try and cause some havoc in amongst them, and you'll hopefully spoil their aim. Once they are past the airfield, you can slip in behind them at your leisure and pump them full of lead. You are accompanied by your three wingmen who are good enough to get the Tigercats on their own, and may drop in front of you to take your kill away, so don't be too laid back.

Now this mission can play lots of different ways, because as you head south chasing the Tigercats, you'll meet a couple of La-7's heading back to the airfield. If they don't get shot down helping you duel the Tigercats, they'll reach the airfield and bump into two Panthers who otherwise could eventually sneak up on your six. Also depending on how strung out your wingmen are, some of them may be far enough back to spot the Panthers and decide to take them on.

You may also spot the Panthers, (or, since you now know they are there, you might like to head back to the airfield and make sure you spot them) but if not, your waypoint message will direct you south in pursuit of that fictional first wave of attackers, and you'll bump head-on into two Banshees.

If all your wingmen have headed towards the Panthers, then I'm afraid you're on your own.

You have to kill the Banshees, and regain that waypoint, and then you'll be allowed to press X and end the mission.

If you'd rather land at P'Yonggang, then call up the ADF, tune in slot 95, and fly back. Depending on how well your comrades did, you may still have a couple of Panthers to face on the return journey. "

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea

Red Star over Korea
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